The Snacking of America

I recently came across some interesting statistics online.  It said that more than $68 billion was spent on packaged foods in 2008.  That was up from roughly $60 billion in 2004.  According to the Agriculture Department, American children get 40 percent of their calories from food of poor nutritional quality.  Between 1977 and 2002, the percent of the American population eating three or more snacks a day increased to 42 percent from 11 percent, according to a large study of American nutritional habits conducted by the Agriculture Department with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Is it any wonder that people are sick in this country.  The food industry is clever.  They put labels on their food like “low in cholesterol!” for a snack that is loaded with simple sugar or “zero trans fats!” for a food that has little nutritional value.  Unfortunately, most people read these labels and believe that they are not bad for you.

For your viewing pleasure, see the ads below for foods that are NOT good for you, but advertise as such!  Look carefully for the “health claims!”

These are just a few examples of foods that are horrible for you that the food industry wants you to believe have at least some nutritional value.  Just because Fritos don’t have any trans fats does not make them good for you.  Just be careful what you’re buying.  The food industry wants you to believe that everything you buy could potentially be good for you, but in reality most of these snacks are awful for your health.

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