Weight Watchers says eat at McDonald’s to lose weight!

Weight Watchers has now officially endorsed Chicken McNuggets as a “healthy meal” in New Zealand, where McDonald’s restaurants will begin carrying the Weight Watchers logo on several menu items. This bizarre and inexplicable decision has now made Weight Watchers the laughing stock of the health world where nutrition and weight loss experts normally don’t use “McDonald’s fast food” and “weight loss” in the same sentence.

As The Guardian reports, “As part of the deal, which the company says is the first of its kind in the world, McDonald’s will use the Weight Watchers logo on its menu boards and Weight Watchers will promote McDonald’s to dieters.”

Nutritionists, not surprisingly, were shocked at the announcement. The idea of eating at McDonald’s to lose weight seems a bit ridiculous, and anyone who believes that eating Chicken McNuggets will cause you to lose weight is arguably one nugget short of a Happy Meal. Sometimes you just have to point out the stupidity of these things, even at the risk of offending someone who has convinced themselves that eating more Chicken McNuggets is their ticket to a slim, fit and sexy body.

Watch your weight balloon!

Weight Watchers, by the way, never actually claims that eating the foods they endorse will cause you to lose weight. If you examine it carefully, even their name isn’t really about weight loss. It’s about weight watching… as in, watch your weight grow larger by the day…

A “weight watch” is sort of like a “tornado watch” or a “tsunami watch.” You keep your eyes peeled and wait for something disastrous to happen — such as ballooning to 300 pounds while engaging in unhealthy eating McHabits based on snarfing down meat parts from factory-farmed cows raised in bovine concentration camps that might more accurately be called “Cowschwitz.”

If Weight Watchers is going to endorse McNuggets, then why not just endorse the entire McDonald’s menu and throw the logo behind Big Macs and ice cream shakes, too? It’s not like Weight Watchers is trying to “protect its reputation” by not crossing a line, you know. Once you’ve endorsed McDonald’s as “healthy” food, that line is no longer anywhere in sight.

Of course, McDonald’s products merely join a long list of questionable foods marketed under the “Weight Watchers” brand name — a brand that in my opinion has discovered great commercial success in selling the false hope of weight loss to clueless consumers who are unwilling to read ingredients lists on food labels.

Not coincidentally, Weight Watchers has now become the “McDonald’s” of the weight loss industry — and industry filled with so many scams and shams that the idea of eating Chicken McNuggets to lose weight doesn’t even seem that strange to many people.

We live in a world where corporate promotional lies are disgusting at best, and criminal at worst. We’re told that psychiatric drugs will make you happy, that chemotherapy will make you healthy and that eating at McDonald’s will make you lose weight. We’re told that sugary junk drinks will give you “energy”, that toxic vaccines are necessary for your immune system to work correctly and that buying silly pink-ribbon products will somehow cure cancer.

At the same time, we’re told that vitamins are dangerous, that sunlight causes cancer and that there’s no such thing as a cure for type-2 diabetes. Everything that’s good for you is discredited as bad while everything that’s toxic is hyped up as “healthy.”

I suppose in light of the corporate-sponsored sick-care insanity that passes for medical advice these days, the idea that eating at McDonald’s will make you lose weight doesn’t seem as insane as it really should.

But that doesn’t make it any more true.

In a world gone mad with dietary misinformation touting fictional foods, insanity can now be marketed to the intoxicated mainstream as if it somehow made sense.

… and people swallow it.

via Weight Watchers says eat at McDonald’s to lose weight.

Dr. Court’s Comments:

There isn’t a lot to say about this piece as I think it is very well written.  I agree totally with the points the author has made above.  The fact that Weight Watchers would team with McDonald’s is mind boggling.  There isn’t a single responsible nutritionist that would agree this is a good idea, but corporate money rules the roost.  McDonald’s thinks they can get more people to eat their food by advertising it as Weight Watchers sponsored.  Weight Watchers sees this as an avenue to advertise to a group of costumers that don’t necessarily want to change their eating habits, but might try the Weight Watchers program if it contained McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

This is another shameless corporate ploy for more business that ends up hurting the public.  It is only a matter of time before programs like this are here in the US.  Most people won’t even think twice about it.  They’ll go about their day and eat unhealthily all the while convinced the food choices they are making are good simply because Weight Watchers has endorsed it.



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2 responses to “Weight Watchers says eat at McDonald’s to lose weight!

  1. Sima

    Weight Watchers teaches you how to evaluate the food you choose. You can fill your plate with lots of fruit and vegetables, go back for refills, and not gain weight or you can eat a tiny amount of a fattening item and be hungry. Sometimes we all crave something out of the norm and it is good to know how that item will fit into your whole program. A weight loss program is more successful when planned exceptions are allowed.

  2. A good nutrition program absolutely has to allow cheats. However, WW DOES NOT teach someone how to eat. It is right to say that it teaches someone how to evaluate their foods, as in, this has a lot of points or this has very few points. It merely teaches someone how to assign points to a food. These points are based on: calories, fat and fiber.

    Assigning points to an item does little to teach you how that item affects your body, your goals, or how you feel. Weight watchers does not allow planned exceptions. It allows exceptions, period. You can eat two bigs macs a day and thats all your points allow.

    That isnt an exception.

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