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Fish Oil Protects the Aging Brain!

More great information on fish oil! In addition to recent reports that fish oil is a valuable and effective tool in the management of ADHD, heart arrhythmias, anxiety and inflammation, a new study found that omega-3s protect against an aging brain.  Check out the video below.

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The Myth of Eggs and Cholesterol

In my office it’s not uncommon for a patient to tell me they are avoiding eggs because they have high cholesterol. I’m here to tell you it is unnecessary, and you are actually depriving yourself of a valuable source of nutrients. Find out more below.

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Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Losing weight is a goal many people have.  Most would like it to happen quickly and with little effort.  For that reason, many turn to over-the-counter weight loss supplements that have very little evidence behind them.

I’m a big supporter of the supplement industry, but weight loss supplementation is one area that reputable nutrition companies stay away from.  This is for a very good reason – weight loss supplements don’t work.

See my video below talking about three popular weight loss supplements.

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A great Valentine’s Day Dessert

Below is a great recipe that Dr. Carrie and I have had a few times and we thought we’d share it for Valentine’s day!  Enjoy!

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Vitamin D and Destin

Check out the video below for some great information about vitamin D!

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High Fructose Corn Syrup – The Facts

High fructose corn syrup has virtually replaced table sugar as a sweetener in the food industry.  It’s cheaper, sweeter and more readily available than table sugar but is it worse for our health? Find out in our latest video blog!


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