Slice of Pizza

3 responses to “Slice of Pizza

  1. Loved the recipe- I have also had success with grilled eggplant as a substitute crust

    • Glad you liked it! Eggplant is also a great idea. We’ll have to try that!

      • Especially good on the grill- Assemble pre roasted eggplant (or zucchini….) slices- 1/2 inch thick, brushed w oil, baked about 1/2 hr at 350 degrees, then I usually freeze. Use coarse cornmeal on a pizza peel or parchment paper, assemble thawed veg into a pizza form, add toppings and slide on to med part of grill, and cover. Maybe 10 minutes, depending on heat? Alternatively, use a sheet pan and just leave on the pan in the oven at 425 for 7 minutes. Then there is the portabello option….. Pre cook the mushroom, top only, in the oven, just as you did the eggplant, but turn over 1/2 way through. Freezes well too, even w toppings added.. Makes it about as simple as a frozen pizza to fix dinner.

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