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Dr. Court’s Whipped Fruit Dessert

Usually I post things here on the blog about current topics in health.  Today I’d like to take small departure from that and give you a great recipe for a dessert that I came up with just yesterday.

I was with a patient and he asked me if there was an alternative for him for ice cream.  He was asking because I have asked him to significantly reduce carbohydrate intake in order to help him with his particular condition.  At first I told him he’d just have to live without it for a while.  He then told me that he was craving something sweet and delicious and would love an alternative.

I thought for a second and came up with this recipe off the top of my head.  I even impressed myself.  I didn’t tell my patient I had never tried it before, but I figured it had to be good.  It sounded good!  If he reads this I hope he’s not too mad at me.  I am thankful he made me think because I came up with this great recipe for something sweet that isn’t bad for you.

He was my last patient of the day yesterday.  After he left I made some phone calls and headed home.  I didn’t think much about the treat I told him about until after dinner.  About an hour after dinner I wanted some ice cream!  It must be contagious or something!

The craving hit and I decided I’d make this treat that I had told my patient about that I had never actually tried (until last night!)  So below is the recipe.  I hope you enjoy it!


1 cup of heavy whipping cream
6 medium raw strawberries
1/2 banana
A very small splash of vanilla extract (sorry I didn’t measure this one!)

That’s it!  Pretty simple right?


  1. Take your fruit and puree them together in a blender or food processor (I used a blender).
  2. With a hand mixer mix the heavy cream until it becomes whipped cream and is nice and light.
  3. Add your pureed fruit and a splash of vanilla extract to your whipped cream and stir until mixed well.
  4. Put it in the freezer for about a 1/2 hour.  This cools the mixture but should not freeze it.  It tastes much better cold but not frozen.  I left mine in the freezer a little longer than a 1/2 hour and it began to freeze around the edges.  The frozen edges lost their sweetness.
  • Dish and Serve!  This recipe serves 2-3 people.

Feel free to send me any ideas you might have about making it better!  You certainly could do this with any kind of fruit.  My advice, however, would be to keep it as low glycemic as possible.  The main flavor of my concoction last night was strawberry which is low glycemic.  I used the high glycemic banana only as a sweetener and it worked great.  This whole dessert had a total of about 25g of carbohydrate and my wife and I split it, yet it satisfied our sweet tooth last night.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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