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Pharmaceutical Ads and the Nightly News

Last night, Dr. Carrie and I recorded the NBC Nightly News in order to be able to effectively count the number of advertisements for drugs that were aired in the 30 minute broadcast.  Both she and I were astounded at the numbers.

Here is how the numbers fell –

Total Commercial Breaks during the newscast: 4

Total Commercials during the entire newscast: 17

Total Drug Ads during the newscast: 10

That’s right well over half of all of the ads on TV during the NBC Nightly News were for pharmaceuticals, prescription or over the counter.  Carrie and I were floored.  In the thirty minute broadcast, millions of people were exposed to ads for dangerous drugs, on average, every 3 minutes!  Wouldn’t it be great if instead these ads were about true health, chiropractic, nutrition and prevention?  Don’t you think this would reduce health care costs in this country.  Whether you think these ads have an affect on the way Americans think about their health is irrelevant.  The research shows that it has a huge impact on what the average American thinks is appropriate treatment for various conditions.  Just keep this in mind next time you watch the news.


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